Filmmaker and Director leveraging 10+ years of proven experience in the film industry. Has completed 350+ video projects, including feature films, commercials, vlogs, and promotional / corporate videos for various companies and organizations. Written, created and edited projects totalling 200M+ views and grossing $360,000 – $1,400,000 in ad revenue. Possesses a comprehensive background in visual effects, motion graphics, graphic design, and editing. Wrote, directed, and planned the finances for a feature film, which included crowdsourcing and oversight of all details to ensure projects remained within
budget and on schedule. Possesses extensive knowledge in film editing and production. Career supported by an Associate of Science in Video Game Design and Development.



● Writing | Directing
● Adobe Premiere Pro
● Visual Effects Supervision

● Adobe After Effects
● Rough Editing

● Polished Editing

● Ideation| Concept Creation
● Camera Operation
● Compositing